Aloha friends.

My name is Brett Botbyl – a seasoned entertainment and production veteran with years of writing, editing, and production experience.

For years, I have sculpted realities, through imagination, writing, and conveying concepts in a kinetic process of communication. I started my own theatre company at 20, and ran the torch until a pandemic turned our world upside down. I created performance realities on an epic scale, merging film immediacy with live theatre, bringing to life the Arthurian Dark Ages, a 17th-century French village, a Carpathian mountain cemetery, and so much more. Now, after COVID, it's time to bring my passion for writing to life in living color.

I'm a curmudgeon bear, Scorpio, Jersey boy, gay, married, time traveler, superhero, creative madman, and theatre-directing author in Hawai‘i. Follow my stories. Step into the adventure!